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My name is Bill Morgan, I joined the site as a free member and have remained that way, because like most people on the site, I don't know how it works. When you ask you up; line support, there is never an answer. Anyway, I noticed that I was being billed for a Power User Subscription, and I know I didn't do that, so I wanted cancelled and again NO reply or answers from anyone. So are enough today I was billed again for another $100.00. Now this has got to be stopped, it's putting me in financial trouble all over something I never authorized.
What I'd like to do is have my money put back on my card, and I've already contacted my credit card company for that since I never authorized it and maybe someone, will try to explain to me how this thing works and maybe down the line after I tried it successfully for a few months I can become a power user.
Thanks, Bill Morgan

My comment is as follows. I'm signed up for a Power User subscription, but this wasn't done by me. I've asked to have my money returned and this titled deleted, but there is NO website, No Phone Number or support address other than the site which you never get a reply for. Why in the world would I sign up for a Power User, and I don't even know how to use the site yet. Anyway, enough is enough, I've complained to my credit card company, and all of a sudden I can't even log into the site and it's suppose to be FREE!


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