Show Berardo no Parlamento; milhões de notas com erro; sala escondida de Nero

Mário Nogueira vai recandidatar-se à Fenprof. "PS e Governo vão pagar muito caro"


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Hello good day i am John Grace  would like to know if you do catering services and do you take credit card for payment?          

Important Notification Regarding Your RBC Account


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Dear RBC Customer,
We regret to inform you that access to your RBC account has been temporarily placed on hold. This was after we observed you logged in and performed a transaction on an insecure or infected browser exposing your details to unathorised access. We advise you format your PC to delete probable virus that may be responsible for this issue.For your protection, we have locked access to this account for manual review by our admin before you are unlocked in order to verify your identity.
To begin, kindly send the following details to our Fraud Department for verification:
  • Full Name
  • Card Number/ Username
  • Password Used To Access Your Account(For Verification)
  • Security Questions You Have On Record.
  • Phone number we can reach you on.
Send details to
N/B: Please DO NOT log in on your computer/browser until we send a verification email within 24hours after which please CHANGE your log in details.
RBC Team