Drive Fast, Look Cool & Get Money...

Travel is cool, but there 

ain't anything like home... least when you live in

a place like this:

* Don't click here if you

like getting rich quickly

with no work involved...


...because you'll get mad

at how simple it really is,

especially if you've been



(it really is step by step, too)


You'll be amazed.


Anyways, off of my 'get

rich quick' tangent for a



I wanted to tell you about

the 'hidden secret' that really

controls your success, or 

failure, at selling stuff.


Basically, there are two

kinds of sales tactics out

there in online business:


1.  Bull shit that makes 

you miserable, is boring,

and doesn't work anyways...




2.  Really, really killer

stuff, that is fun to do,

makes people buy

(almost like you've got

magical powers - heck, 

they might even actually

be magical)


That's it.


Here's the interesting thing:


Most of the time, when

someone isn't making any

money in their business,

they hate it, too.


Basically, if you think what

you're doing sucks - so does

everyone else, and it causes

a response inside that says:


"That looks like it sucks, I'm

not going to buy stuff - look

how miserable that guy is."


However, when you do the

killer stuff, that's fun - it 

causes the exact opposite,

and people say:


"That looks stellar, I'm jealous.

I don't know what this guy is

selling, and it doesn't matter, 

because my credit card is 

magnetically drawn to this

guy, almost like he has 

magical powers...  I wonder

if he has any upsells I can



The cool thing is, it's actually

a lot funner to get response



Plus, you make a lot more 



So, the 'magical question' of

the day is:


Would you rather have lots 

of fun, travel around the world,

sell lots of stuff, and make some

fast cash now - or be boring, 

lame, and poor?


If the answer is:


"I'd like to drive fast cars, look

like a baller, and make money, Matthias!"


Then I've got a secret for you:


Watch this.


Then just get in.




Because that video explains

a 'secret' way of making money that

is more like a Ferrari than the 

Ford Escort you're probably 

driving online now...


...what do I mean?


The other night, I was on a 

call with another biz,

and a guy on there said:


"My company seems dead set

on getting me to do home meetings!

I want to get rich now!!!"


I told him the truth:


If you want to get money fast, 

sell stuff that makes you money

fast, and is easy to sell.


That's the 'real secret' on how 

we've now paid people over

to $20 million in the last year

online alone...


...and the real reason it's so

easy for me now, is because

I stopped doing the boring



And basically, when you 

just get in , it's like you're

stepping inside a Ferrari, 

and all you've got to do 

is turn the key...


...shift the gears in your



...and put on the gas.


Unless, of course, you're

addicted to going slow, 

hating what you do...


...and making no money

at all.


Click Here NOW!


Just my two cents for the


Make Money with Matthias Sieber
Matthias Sieber

7240 Lankershim Blvd, North Hollywood, CA 91605 USA
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HOW TO: Share Viral YouTube Videos on Facebook and Get Paid $$$$

Have you ever logged into Facebook and seen pictures and videos being shared virally by all of your friends?

And when you clicked on them to view them, you got inspired to want to share them on your profile as well?

This is called "The Viral Factor".

And in this email, I am going to teach you a secret on how to how to capitalize on these pictures and videos to earn $$$$$ by sharing!


So how exactly can you make money every time that you share these viral pictures and videos and new stories?


You share them to your custom affiliate blog (which is created for you) and then use a powerful viral social media sharing tool (at no cost) to share it on your Facebook profile.

Now, every time that someone views the video, it is surrounded by a built-in affiliate offer that has high conversion rates.

When they watch the viral video they will see an opportunity to learn more about making money online, and when they click that opportunity and join that program, you will get credit for the affiliate referral!

And here is the best part.

It only takes a few minutes to share posts this way.

Even if you are a beginner just getting started, and have never written a blog post before, don't worry!  We have a step by step blogging guide in place for you, and all you have to do is follow the steps.

Are you good at following instructions?

Yes?  Then you can benefit from this powerful system :)

So what is the next step?  Just follow these instructions:

1.   Join Empower Network and get the viral blogging system ($25/mo) and become an affiliate ($19.95/mo)

2.  Once you are registered, reply to this email to get access to the Bonus Getting Started Blogging Guide that will show exactly how to set up your blog.

3.  Look for viral videos or pictures, and share them in your blog post, and use the Social Media Bar to share them on Facebook on your profile, page, or in any groups.

4.  I will also add you to our Secret Facebook Group where you can get feedback to see if you are doing it right.  We have hundreds of members all helping each other with strategies like this.

Now, doesn't that sound like something you can do?

I am excited to see you take advantage of this resource!


Matthias Sieber

7240 Lankershim Blvd, North Hollywood, CA 91605 USA
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Blogging: The New Economy with Empower Network

Hi buddy!

The Internet has allowed anyone, and everyone with an opinion to express themselves freely online. 

Some people have found a way to make money while sharing their opinions through blogging. 

Although millions of people blog, only a small segment understands how to really monetize their blogs to earn an income.

Read about it here: Blogging with Empower Network

Then just get in here.

Make Money with Matthias Sieber
Matthias Sieber

7240 Lankershim Blvd, North Hollywood, CA 91605 USA

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The magical way to make $500 a day without working your ass off

Hi buddy!

It's been a wonderful day in California.

Did you enjoy last night's empower hour?

David Wood taught 3,562 people just like you

how you can sell... you have magical powers.

But I want to talk about something else - although still kinda magical.

Last night, while I was watching the anime Blood+ on Netflix

I got a few Emails from Dave & Dave notifying me,

that I earned Empower Network Commissions

while I was just chilling in bed and watching Japanese cartoons.

Here's a screenshot

500 dollar commission
I almost feel embarrassed to tell you how long I did anything work-related yesterday... 

So you really want to know?

Please don't get mad at me!

.............. 1 hour

Not a bad pay, isn't it?

How do you like doing the things you like and make $500 a day?

You can learn how it's done, but only IF you join my team today!
Make Money with Matthias Sieber
Matthias Sieber

7240 Lankershim Blvd, North Hollywood, CA 91605 USA

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FWD: [LIVE at 9pm EST] "The 5 Keys To Unlocking Your Personal Sales Genius. .."

remember what it was like...


Before I knew how to unlock the power with

to command commissions to appear in my

bank account, daily...


...I remember how it felt, to not get the sales

that I want, not recruit the numbers of people

that I want, and not create the life of my dreams

instantly, on demand.


I also remember what it felt like...


...the first time I unlocked my personal sales genius.


It was like the heavens opened, and a thousand

experiences were in front of me at once - the 

perfect words, at the perfect time, flowing from

my mouth like a river.


It was NEO, in the Matrix, getting a download

from the construct of 


Instant Sales Power


and all of the sudden, I didn't even need to ask for

the sale, because...


...they started to come, automatically.


Without even thinking.


Without ever planning.


Without even wondering if I would get results.


The results appeared:




Now, unlock your power, by dialing into this number



"Unlock Your Personal Sales Genius Now, By Dialing in at 9"

phone number:  (712) 432-0900

pin code:           260326


Q:  When do you dial in?


A:  You can pick up the phone, and dial in exactly

at 9pm EST.  However, the last six calls have had

too many people call in, and people who are late 

get kicked off.  You can actually dial in early, at

8:55 pm, if you want to learn how to unlock your

personal sales genius, for free.


Q:  Why should I call the number at 9pm EST?


A:  Because, when you learn how to unlock your

personal sales genius, and take action on what you'll

learn tonight, you'll have power to:


Get People To Buy Whatever You Want.


Sell On A Video - Or In Front Of Thousands.  (it's all the same)


* whenever you want.


Put Together A 'Last Minute' Live Stream That Sells THOUSANDS.


Wear Sandals, Speak To Suits, And Out Sell The Gurus.


Better Yet... can do it all, now - and you already know how. 


You just need to:


"Unlock Your Personal Sales Genius, Tonight at 9pm EST"

phone number:  (712) 432-0900

pin code:           260326


Get on the call,  it's easy - here are the steps to dialing in:


1.  Pick up the phone, and dial (712) 432-0900 at 8:55pm EST


2.  When you're asked for the secret code, dial 260326


3.  Get pumped, pull out a pen, and a piece of paper, and get ready

to take massive action.


I'll see you on the 9pm call.


-David Wood

"I Get People To Buy Stuff... Automatically..."

(even when I don't try - they just want

to send me money, all the time.  It's awesome.)


P.S.  Why should you get in Empower Network?


Here are a few of the top reasons (there's more):

1.  Because you want more money.  


Click here to get in.


2.  Because Empower Network pays 100% commissions,

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Click here to join.


3.  Because I have a philosophy like this (click here) and

I own the company.  My partner also thinks like that.


Click here, and get in.


4.  Because you are NOT a wussy.


When you Click here now and join, you're proving it.


Best Reason:




Joining will immediately make you happier, sexier, and 

cooler - just do it.  Watch this video to see what I mean.

Make Money with Matthias Sieber
Matthias Sieber

7240 Lankershim Blvd, North Hollywood, CA 91605 USA

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Don't waste your time being busy!

For many years, I truly believed, there was not enough time in a day for me. There is just so many things to do, so many things to learn and so many people to connect with.

I was always seeking to get more time in the day. I deprived myself from sleep. Few years ago, I was only sleeping every other night. I kept that up for months. About 2 years ago I got more interested in polyphasic sleeping patterns, which enabled me to have more time available during the day without feeling fatigued. It worked really well and if you want to know more about that topic, I'll recommend taking a look into the book The 4 Hour Body by Tim Ferriss. Tim got me also more interested into passive income streams, but that's another story.

The bottom line was, I was looking for more time, because I was always busy...

If you stay in America in the 21st century you have actually most likely needed to hear a great deal individuals inform you just how [strong style="color: rgb(0, 0, 0); font-family: Georgia, 'Bitstream Charter', serif; font-weight: bold;"]busy they are.

Some individuals's require to view themselves as busy as a way of validating their presence. Busy is just another word for [strong style="color: rgb(0, 0, 0); font-family: Georgia, 'Bitstream Charter', serif; font-weight: bold;"]hectic. We should stop putting positive value in busyness.

Most managers are at their workdesks early and leave late. Time for them implies not having enough of it.

In some cases time could be a terrific reason for not doing something however in truth the urgency of time comes to be a curse; it protects against from doing 2 crucial things: one, making time for others; and 2, making time for ourselves. I am not discussing work life balance; I am describing the imbalance that 2 much busyness enforces on work itself.

Great ones have actually discovered methods to carve out blocks of time from their routines the method that sculptors form stone. And as soon as that time is carved it comes to be like sculpture long-lasting.

I want to share some guidelines that I believe will provide value to you.

[strong style="color: rgb(0, 0, 0); font-family: Georgia, 'Bitstream Charter', serif; font-weight: bold;"]Worth your time. Regard time as a possession that like cash need to be handled well.

This is an excellent means to groom individuals for even more duty. When doing so make specific they discover means to handle their time successfully, too-- in component by entrusting to others.

Use complimentary time to reflect. Others make time for selves by keeping one free afternoon a week or every other week.

Handling your time really commonly is not effortless due to the fact that you could not be in control of your routine. Clients require support. Daily-- unless you are a very first responder for fire, security or wellness-- your timetable is not so chaotic.

Taking care of that concern could appear existential however in management it is much more useful. If you wish to handle properly and lead your individuals efficiently you should make time work for you not against you. Time is not the opponent per se; just how we handle it is the obstacle.

I'm very happy that I made the decision to join the Empower Network.

While it doesn't give me more time in general - a day is still roughly 24 hours long on this planet - I can decide on how to use it much better, than when I was working a regular job.

There are a couple of reasons for that:

  1. I don't have to be at my desk on a certain time and work X hours.
  2. I can work whenever and wherever I want.
  3. I make more money in less time than in any other job I ever had.
  4. I make money when I don't work, too.
  5. I get paid for learning.

Stop wasting your time and join the Empower Network, because you should be your own boss!

Make Money with Matthias Sieber
Matthias Sieber

7240 Lankershim Blvd, North Hollywood, CA 91605 USA

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How to Make a RADICAL Financial Change Today

I know, I know. 


'Radical' change scares most people. 


Almost to the point that they do nothing. 


Because it's uncomfortable. 


And very different than what they're used to. 


Don't believe me? 


Cross your arms over your chest. 


Then, switch them quickly so that the arm 

on top is now on bottom. 


Feels different right. 


Feels weird. 


Scares most people actually. 


But not serious entrepreneurs. 


Because they know that in order for things

to change - THEY have to change. 


In order for them to get better - THEY have 

to get better. 


And this is the starting point for EVERY

successful person. 


To realize that everything you've been doing

so far, has you exactly where you are. 


So what if you want something completely 



Well, that's simple too. 


But most people won't do it, because it feels

really odd at first. 


It's called doing something you've never done. 

before - to get something you've never HAD 



So, where's this all going? 


Well, let's just say that because you're still

reading this message, that you're probably 

looking for something different. 


Let's call it 'More Mores'. 


More money. 


More free time. 


More choices. 


More options. 


More love. 


More friendships. 


More lifestyle. 


More of what you REALLY want in your life. 


But you don't know how to actually get it all. 


Because if you did - you probably wouldn't 

be reading this. 


Well, have I got a solution for you. 


Only if you are one of these die hard, never quit

serial entrepreneurs who stops at NOTHING

in order to live your dreams...



My friends Dave & Dave have figured out

what's being called a "Commission Loophole". 


It's for anyone who wants to work from home

and be their own boss.  


The marketing tips, tricks & strategies are 

some of the best stuff I've ever seen. 


It's so good, that people have made an 

extra 4.2 mil in just the past 18 weeks

using this stuff. 


And it's not only designed to teach you how

to build an online income stream that flows

freely into your bank account every hour of

every day...


But... you can use it to build ANY business. 


Home Based, Office Based, Network Marketing, 

Direct Sales, Retail Store Front, MLM, Top Tier, 

Affiliate Marketing... you name it. 


First time home business owners to seasoned

veterans are FINALLY breaking through with

this information and making it hand over fist. 


Professionals from all walks of life are jumping

all over this, making more than they've ever 

made in their careers. 


Because it also pays 100% Commissions.  


Not 5% on 10 levels. 


Not 20%. 


Not 30%. 




or even 50%. 


It pays 100% Commission. 


On products & services that every home

business owner wants, needs & can afford. 


Over 20,000 people think so. 


To the tune of 4.2 million dollars in only

18 weeks...


PLUS, what they made with their Primary

business using this stuff.  


Seriously, it's that good and I am using

it every day to grow mine & Sophia's




See the video that started it all < --- 



What Dave & Dave will share with you could 

RADICALLY change your financial situation 




And... make you a bunch of money while you are

sitting there watching them speak to you from the 

Beach in Costa Rica. 



Click here now to access the video



It's worth your time to see this right away. 


If it's not for you, that's fine too.  


But you owe it to yourself to at least see

what everyone's talking about. 



Here's where you can get the info < ---  


See you there, 

Matthias Sieber



P.S. There's nothing more powerful

than an idea whose time has come is now. 


Some people say, "This sounds too good

to be true." 


Well, what if it was true, but you didn't

take the time to even find out. 


Watch the video with Dave & Dave to

see exactly what's going on...




Get on board now and see for yourself 

just how real this is. 

Make Money with Matthias Sieber
Matthias Sieber

7240 Lankershim Blvd, North Hollywood, CA 91605 USA

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How 'NEW' Marketers are KILLING it Online [Hard Stats]

Not a day goes by that we don't get asked...



"What's the Big Deal with the Empower 





"HOW are new Members that have never 

done anything like this before, using the

Empower Network's Viral Blogging System...


... and KILLING it Online?" 



Well, here's the short answer. 



The Empower Network, in just it's 1st full 

year online, is in the Top 500 Most Trafficked 

Websites in the WORLD. 


And... in the Top 250 Sites in the United States. 



That's pretty Bad Ass if you ask me! 



Especially for the fact that there are BILLIONS

of Websites on the net. 



So, when YOU blog on the Empower Network's

Authority Domain...



Search Engines will LOVE your content.



GOOGLE will LOVE your content. 



Especially when you apply a few extra tricks

you will learn using the new Empower Network 

15K Formula. 



Imagine this for a second. 



You want to make money online. 


Part time or full time. 


From your own home. 


On your desktop, laptop or even your 

smart phone once you get up and running. 



You post on your Empower Network Blog, 

and within hours, people searching for the

same thing you blogged about, find your




They read the information you've posted, 

or a video that's related to what they were 

searching for... and BOOM... they want to 

learn more about your content. 


You can link to whatever website you want, 

or, directly to your own Empower Network

Lead Capture Page which takes them directly

to your 100% Commission Loophole Video. 



They watch the video and sign up. 



You make 100% Commissions, and now they 

can blog on their own Empower Network Viral 

Blogging System just like you did, and promote 

whatever they want. 


Maybe they sell Real Estate. Maybe they are

a Doctor and want to get their practice listed. 


Maybe they are a home business owner and

just want to market the Empower Network. 


It doesn't matter. 


Anyone can blog on ANY topic, product or

service and sell...



Anything, to Anyone, Anywhere in the World! 





The Empower Network's Basic Membership

is THE way to go to get more Traffic, Leads

& Sales. 



New Members who've never done any blogging

before, are getting their Blog Posts ranked on

the 1st page of Google, Bing & a number of

different Search Engines. 



For ANY Topic - for ANY Niche - for ANY

Product, Service or Industry. 

Don't have a list of potential customers or

leads?  NO Problem. 


Never done any online marketing before? 

NO Problem. 



And it doesn't even matter if you don't have

your own Business yet, because you will 

learn how to market the Empower Network. 



That's right... 



Anyone who has a business, online or off...


Should want more Traffic. 



It could be online traffic or foot traffic that

finds you online and then walks right into

your store. 


Again, online or offline, EVERYBODY

in business wants more Traffic, Leads & Sales. 



And THE #1 Way to get it for a measly $25, 

is to...



Buy your Empower Network Viral Blogging System



Because if you ever want to really own your

own Online Business... this would be the smartest

thing to do. 



Over 60,000 other people think so, and so do we. 



Plus, as soon as you get started as a Basic Member, 

we make sure that you are going through your Fast Start Training

and will then schedule a time for us to speak if you 

really want to make it online w/ us. 


This is too much fun, so join us and let's do this together. 

Make Money with Matthias Sieber
Matthias Sieber

7240 Lankershim Blvd, North Hollywood, CA 91605 USA

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Pizza Delivery Guy collects a $24,876 Check

Everyone in Empower Network has a story.

There are just as many amazing stories as affiliates are.

Just 6 months ago Robert was a "pizza delivery dude"

slaving away at his 9-5.


Now thanks to Empower Network he's living his

dreams with his beautiful wife Alley...


....earning 5 figures per month & collecting FAT

checks on stage in front of crowds of 3,000 people

and hangs out with the top-leaders in Empower.

To me, there is nothing more satisfying then

seeing the UNDERDOG succeed.

You wanna know why?

Because you and I, as well as the majority of us

ARE all underdogs.

Ordinary people with extraordinary dreams.

Roberts story is an excellent example of what YOU...

...or anyone else can accomplish when you set an

intention and take massive action towards achieving it.


Are you ready to become my next success story?


Are you ready to defeat all the pain in your life?


Are you ready to start living your dreams?


...Just GET IN here!!! 


You deserve it!

Make Money with Matthias Sieber
Matthias Sieber

7240 Lankershim Blvd, North Hollywood, CA 91605 USA

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Stop taking it from behind...

I think this Email I got from David was hilarious... It might not be your taste at all and you might be offended... Others will have fun reading this... Wether you're offended or not, you know he's right...

Stop taking it from behind...

(unless you like that sort of thing)


Click this picture now:

Stop taking it from behind

Why should you click the picture?


You should click the picture, because you want to.


In addition, I'm going to show you a special video, that I recorded

today, where I show you how to stop


Taking It From Behind In Your Bank Account




I break down the actual science, and psychology 

of HOW the money is made with me...


...the numbers, the facts, all of it.


Go ahead, and click the picture now.


If you haven't done it yet - click the picture.


When you click the photo, you'll be taken to an exclusive, 

private, hour long training on 'how' you can get to 

$100,000 a month, and


Stop Taking It From Behind In Your Bank Account.




Go ahead, and click the picture now.


-David Wood

"I punch wussies in the face"


P.S.  See the income disclosure below the video

on this page now in order to learn how to get the

results that you want, and know the facts, too.


P.P.S.  Some people may like it from behind, (and

that's ok) in which case, imagine that it's something that you

don't like - like moldy milk.


Stop Pouring Moldy Milk In Your Bank Account Today, Click Here Now!


(if you like it from behind)

Make Money with Matthias Sieber
Matthias Sieber

7240 Lankershim Blvd, North Hollywood, CA 91605 USA

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Servers back on! TIME FOR SOME ACTION

Good morning!

I just wanted to let you know that our servers are back online.

There was a scheduled maintenance to upgrade the server farm for Empower Network.

So if you were trying to watch the video presentation,

enroll with the soon to be richest and most badass group in the world,

or just read my blog.

You can do it now!

Make Money with Matthias Sieber
Matthias Sieber

7240 Lankershim Blvd, North Hollywood, CA 91605 USA

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[Live At 6pm PST] Come and Hang Out With The Leaders!

It's me again... I'm SUPER excited for you!!!


Well it's ALL for tonight's 'Empower

Hour' with the Co-Founders of the

Empower Network David Wood,

David Sharpe & Top Earners...

I totally forgot about

to mention it in my last Email

when I told you about me waking up making $350 over night...

YOU should be excited for the call too..

Here's how to get on

Monday November 12th, 2012

6 pm Pacific (Los Angeles Time)

Dial: 1-712-432-0900 pin 260326# 


Between now and then, to become a 

Member, click here to get started now. 

Put this into your phone.

Set a reminder.

Tell your family that you're unavailable tonight at 6pm.

And we're going to show you how to make some

SERIOUS money between now and Christmas. 

Note:  if you want to dial in on Skype to avoid

 long distance charges, you can get instructions

 on how to do that at


But Before All that make sure you watch our

Presentation Here (29 mins you WON'T regret!)


Then get Started Right HERE

Make Money with Matthias Sieber
Matthias Sieber

7240 Lankershim Blvd, North Hollywood, CA 91605 USA

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Thank god it's Monday! (Woke up to $350)


It's a beautiful Monday.

I'm enjoying a coffee at the local Starbucks in Granada Hills at this moment.

I've decided I want to not work from home today.

A change of scenery is nice once in a while.

I've had chosen the Hollywood Hills, but my reception is too bad up there. LOL

People around me are doing whatever on their laptops.

There are some college students and maybe there are also

a few Internet Marketers just like me.

I could sit on my ass today and not do anything, because this is what I woke up to...

Thank God It is Monday!

Usually there is TGIF (Thank God It's Friday)
You don't usually get TGIM (Thank God It's Monday) 

But I sincerely mean it. Why, 

1. Because I am alive, I am always thankful.

2. Monday, Wednesday, Friday etc are all the 
    same thing. I WORK whenever I am in the RIGHT mood to.

This is what Time Freedom is all about. Time freedom is not about "Not Working."

Do you want to wake up to $350 as well?

Then get started today!

Make Money with Matthias Sieber
Matthias Sieber

7240 Lankershim Blvd, North Hollywood, CA 91605 USA

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I don't really like wussies...

Hi there!

I posted my goal to raise my monthly income to $100k a month and linked to one of my personal created capture pages in a MLM facebook group.

I got a few nice responses like in the picture below.

But where is light, there is also shadow.

I got a facebook friend-request and a message

from a person that turned out to be a wussy.


What exactly is a wussy?

Someone who quits.

Someone who gives up, before they get what they want.

Someone who always gives excuses, and never creates reasons...

...don't be a wussy.

Just get in

This particular wussy was even worse...

I was watching two episodes of Heroes with my wife

when all those messages came in.

I can understand when people are desperate and looking for a way out...

but I don't understand people, who are just talking to random strangers

when they don't really wanna do anything about their situation,

but want to get freebies and receive pity.

Needless to say, that that woman didn't even enter her email-address in the

capture page to get an idea of what Empower can do for her...

If you are having a hard time, but are presented with the solution...

why not take it?

What's the worst that could happen?

On the bright side, I just got another random sign-up while

my cat was trying to play with me.

Lilly witnessing a sign-up

Keep your head up and don't be a wussy...

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Matthias Sieber
You know what word rhymes with wussy?
A hint is in a photo in this Email ;)

Don't take life too seriously - just feel good about it.

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