What Are The Odds Of Your Success?

What Are The Odds Of Your Success?

Someone asked me awhile back,
"Matthias, what's the odds of success in Empower Network?"

Answer: about 100%.

They said, "No, really."

I said, "Yes. Really".

Why? I'll explain with an example.

Do you know what the odds of becoming
a black belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu are?

About 100%.

Really. Because if you buy the uniform...
pay for the lessons....
show up every week and actually do what they tell you to do....

...and you actually learn the stuff and give it your best....
....then you will eventually get a black belt.

Period. End of story.

It's not luck.

It's a predictable outcome from
a.) following the steps and
b.) not quitting.

That's all.
Success = Don't quit - keep going!

My good friend and teacher for a long time Erwann Marshall said:
"A black belt is a white belt that never quit."

And it's pretty much the same thing in any network marketing company.

Especially if you're in a good company,
that actually has a system in place and a marketing funnel
that takes all the complexities out of the process.

A. Follow the steps
B. Don't quit.

That's all. It's not hard.

See, the problem is in the original question.

The lady asked me what the "odds" of success are.

It's not about the "odds".

When I got started in this industry, I was committed
to getting enough money without struggling every month
just to pay the bills.

That's all.

The moment I made that commitment and decided
...I guaranteed my success 100%.

But the problem is that people like to look at a company's
income disclosure - (Empower Network has a great one) -
and see that X number of people are in the lower levels of income.

...and they want to know what the "odds" are,
that they will be able to do better than them.

And again, it's not about the "odds".

Just as a person can DECIDE (ah, there's that word!)
to show up at Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, do the steps and not quit
...until they succeed.....
.....the same is true in Empower Network.

There are no "odds" of success.

The question is: Will you follow the steps & get what you came for?

I'll close with this:

A LOT OF people who start college drop out.
MOST people will get fired at least on one job.
MANY people who get married get divorced.
ALL people who start living die eventually.

You know those facts before you get started, but still you do it.

It's a decision and it's a good one.

It's got nothing to do with the "odds".

Why am I successful?

Because I DECIDED to be.
And then I followed up on that decision with CONSISTENT ACTION...
and wouldn't quit until I achieved it.

Make a decision,
Matthias Sieber

P.S.: Getting a black belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is much harder
than being successful in Empower Network.

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