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Hi Educationgreenw,

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Subject: Monthly Customer Survey

Hello Educationgreenw, I see that you recently filled out the empowr opinion survey and that you are not pleased with how empowr is going so far! I know I really love it here, so I hope I can find out what it is that is the problem and try to change it. When you have a moment, I would love to hear what empowr could do to improve an area that would benefit its citizens. The empowr management take very seriously the comments and concerns of its' citizens and will keep empowr fresh and relevant by implementing their ideas into the platform. Since I have been assigned as your Success Coach, it is my responsibility to answer your questions on the empowr platform and help you earn using it. Since you didn't put anythisng specific, if you are like most of the Clients I have been assigned to you don't have a good idea on how things are working or specifically what you can do to earn more. So before we get into how you can get money out of the system, let's see what it is that puts money into the system. You are paid every time your Posts that are less than 24 hours old is shown to a Citizen. If you make one post and it is less than 24 hours old and it gets shown to another Citizen, you get paid. If you make 2 posts, you get paid twice. if you make 3 posts, you get paid 3 times. So the point is make as many posts as you are allowed based on your Power Level. the higher your Power Level, the more posts you are provided in your Daily Goal Total. The more people that see your posts, the more times you will be paid. Your Power User level determines how many people the platform will show your less than 24 hours old posts to. In addition to that, the number of circles you close using your allotted Shares, the more people will be shown your posts. Use up all your Daily Shares to close as many circles as possible to get as many people as possible to view your Posts. What activities do you have to do to complete your Daily Goals? Posting, Sharing and Listing 1 item in the Marketplace every day. Every day that you do not use all your Posts and all your Shares, you are leaving money on the table. Doing the 1 listing has many additional benefits such as Mission Points, IPO Stock Option Credits, chances at the Mission Wheel and more. Here is are a couple of Screenshots of my account taken recently recently. On both days My Daily Goals Activities were the same: I made 1-listing, 5-Posts and 310-Shares My Daily Earnings 6/10/17 My Daily Earnings 6/20/17 The difference between my account and yours, in 13 months I've completed my Daily Goal 244 Times, You in 9 months have completed them 0 times. There is still plenty of time to catch up. That is all there is to it. The choice is yours. You and I have the exact same tools to work with, and I can show you how to use them to get some huge results. I hope I made that understandable enough for any questions you may have to be answered. If you have others please let me know and I will do my best to answer them. Message me back if you are interested and feel you could commit to the Daily Goal activities I have listed above, with my help. I look forward to your response. Gene ===================================================================================== Do you know how your Power User Level and Daily Earnings Option work to determine your Daily Earnings

— Gene Aasen

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